Main Auditorium

The auditorium is a contemporary multi-purpose ‘theatre’ with state-of-the-art sound and lighting facilities. With its 500 individual-seat capacity, large stage and back of stage areas, the Blackburn auditorium makes is an exceptionally versatile space. This facility is ideal for a range of events from conferences and presentations, through to concerts and musical productions. The space is fully enclosed with no window or natural lighting, making it ideal to use day or night.

There is a meeting room that runs off the auditorium as well as a small parents’ room. Both rooms have plasma screens capable of streaming live video from the aAuditorium. The auditorium has a large foyer area that is accessible by two wide doors, allowing an efficient flow of people at all times.

Technical equipment in the Blackburn Auditorium is to be operated by One Community Church Technical Support Personnel only. A fee per hour will be charged for these services. Services available include full-production lighting, digital projection and full-production sound. A pre-event meeting with Technical Support Personnel is recommended if you book this space.

31m x 22m (682m2)
General working height: 6.45m
Stage size (workable space): 15m X 5m plus wings

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