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m1 Mission Partners

Through m1 Missions, One Community is involved in cross cultural mission activity that builds partnerships with organisations and individuals in overseas and local settings.

These partnerships make possible community development projects as well as team interaction with people living in other cultures and give exposure to the many issues associated with marginalization and poverty.

As people from One Community participate as volunteers in mission trips and other activities they are given an opportunity to serve God and have an awakening experience that helps them to discern their God-given gifts and calling to mission. 

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Community Development Projects

Working with our partners in The Philippines we financially support the feeding of malnourished children, the provision of free medical treatment and help with a community strengthening program where over 500 families are severely affected by ongoing natural disasters.The members of One Community sponsor over 100 children in The Philippines which enables these children to be educated and provides them with basic essentials.

In Indonesia we sponsor a Youth Camp that makes it possible for young people who live in slums to participate in a great outdoor event and receive special support and encouragement. This experience for these young people can be life changing.

In partnership with local community organisations we support and participate in local community projects that respond to the poor and disadvantaged within our community.  Working with Prison Network Ministries (PNM) we have contributed to their housing project that provides accommodation for a person just released from prison. Members of One Community help with the PNM programs as volunteers.

Mission Partnerships

Organisations and people who are m1 Mission Partners and receive direct support from One Community Church are... 

Alli Mellon - The Hard Places Community, Cambodia

Asian Christian Community Church – Pastor Choi and Alma - Philippines

Brenton Killeen - Mustard

Churches of Christ Overseas Aid

Chelsea Riviere - YWAM

Compassion Australia – Indonesian partnership

International Society for Urban Mission - Ash and Anji Barker - Birmingham UK

Jossy Chacko - Empart - India

Missionary Ventures - Matt Gosbell - Indonesia

Nick Wight - Indigenous Ministries Australia

Peter & Debbi Wu - Shen Zhen Home Church - China

Prison Network Ministries - Laurel Gore - Melbourne

Robynne Jeisman - Pioneers - San Francisco

Samaritan’s Purse - Operation Christmas Child (see video)

Sherwin Mariano - Vineyard of His Grace Ministries - Philippines

Urban Neighbours of Hope – Brad and Colleen Coath

Vineyard of His Grace Ministries - Sherwin Mariano – Philippines

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Your financial gift can make a difference for a child, a young person, a family, or an elderly person who will receive the support and care from an m1 Missions initiative.

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