Privacy Policy

Publication Date:

19th August 2002 (AMMENDED 16 April 2012)


To ensure that OCC always respects the right to privacy in regard to information collected on or about those with whom we interact.


This policy is devised to comply with the requirement of the Privacy Act 1988 (as amended).  In order to safeguard an individual’s right to privacy, this policy reflects the spirit and content of the government’s privacy legislation.


1. Purpose for collection information

Personal information about those associated with OCC will only be collected and used to provide personal ministry and to administer the relationship between individuals and the church. There may be instances where the church is required by law to collect information (eg staff superannuation and taxation information)

2. Access to Information

a) An individual may, at any time, request a copy of all personal information that the church holds on them.

b) Personal details will only be made available to those staff and leaders who require the information to provide a ministry or service. This information will not be passed on to any other organisation or third party. Wider distribution of this information would only take place with an individual’s full knowledge and consent.

3. Types of Information

The types of information collected may include:

  • Name, Address and Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Family member details
  • Details of donations where receipts for taxation purposes are required
  • Records of giving where a person is a participant in the Planned Giving Program
  • Credit Card information where this has been provided as part of a person’s commitment to financial giving
  • Communications from individuals (eg letters, prayer requests)
  • Records of discussions (eg counselling sessions)
  • Individual’s involvement in ministries
  • Records of visits, calls and pastoral contacts
  • Medical details as they are relevant to attendance at camps and other activities
  • Staff details for superannuation, payroll and taxation purposes.
  • Police report on any criminal record where a person is involved in Children’s and Youth leadership.

4. Disclosure

The Church will not disclose personal information about any person except:

(a) on a confidential basis to members of the Church or to those who have regular contact with the Church in connection with the church’s activities in order to provide a service to you,

(b) on a confidential basis to agents and other service providers that the church uses in the day to day operations of its activities such as Church Community Builder (CCB) our Data Base Management System;

(c) with your prior consent (for example in the church directory).

5. Data Storage

If any personal information collected by the church is stored or managed by a third party on behalf of the church (e.g. CCB), the Church will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information will be held, used and disclosed by the third party consistently with the National Privacy Principles. The service provider managing the information for the Church may store certain personal information outside Australia. You consent to the transfer of your information outside Australia by submitting your personal information to the Church.

6. Church Website

We have a public web site at which is available to anyone. There is no personal data stored on this site.


In order to comply with National Privacy Principle No. 10, we are committed to ensuring that:

(a) Information collected will relate solely to members of One Community Church or to those who have regular contact with One Community Church in connection with the church’s activities; and

(b) One Community Church undertakes to all such individuals whom the information concerns that the church will not disclose such information without the individual’s consent unless required to do so by law.

There are other matters set out in National Privacy Principle No. 10 which also govern the collection of sensitive information and the church will comply with these matters as well.