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Everyone is encouraged to commit to regular giving and to be part of our planned giving programme by completing a commitment form/card. This assists the church in providing an expectation of future income to fund its' ministry and mission.

As a community, we take joy in the ways our faith is made stronger through giving and receiving together. There is a satisfaction that comes from following Jesus' example of generosity toward those most in need, and it is a privilege to use our resources to continue telling God's story and help bring measurable change in our world.

Share in this joy by giving financially to One Community Church. There are a number of ways to can give in support of the work. One of those is our Planned Giving Program (PGP) for recurrent giving - weekly or monthly. There is also opportunity to make a one off gift or donation. You may also want to consider a bequest.

If you would like more information on giving to the work or to set up a recurrent pledge, please complete the online enquiry form here »

How is my contribution spent?

Our approach to finances is simple—allocate heavily to ministry programming, outreach, and meeting the needs of the poor and disadvantaged while keeping administration costs to a minimum.

When you give you know that your money is going for more than keeping the lights on. It’s the foundation that makes it possible to do the work we were created for.