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urban seed update

One of the projects that I’ve been responsible for this year has been the weekly church service - called ‘Gathering’. Although we have a lot of other projects throughout the week it’s during ‘Gathering’ that we often start to see how God is impacting the lives of our community members...

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Michael's urban experience

I wasn’t sure what time it was when my phone started ringing. As I answered I heard a familiar voice at the other end and suddenly knew what the call was about. A few hours earlier we had been at the footy with a group of the guys from the community, packed into the MCG with 84,000 others. The allegiances of our group were split evenly between Carlton and Richmond...

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2014 Philippines mission trip

This year’s Mission Trip was an exceptional experience for the Team who went. It offered some great opportunities for us to provide support and care to the people we connected with in the Philippines and also provided special learning and faith growing experiences for the members of the Team.

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sydney unoh house extension

Jon Owen has sent an email that highlights the current circumstances of their house with the many ministries that support the poor and marginalised people living in their neighbourhood. He writes  “our house gets lots of use! In fact it is bursting at the seams and we are planning on doing an extension to the living area…we are seeing assistance with the material costs…we thank you guys for the generosity that has already made a huge difference to being able to run programs in our garage. The extra space will be used for the church that we are ready to plant here in the next year.”

The Council of Elders have decided financially support this project and allocate an amount from the Box Hill Fund.

Project Joshua in the philippines

The regular funding provided by One Community Church is an enormous support to former sponsor child and CEO Sherwin, and his team, at Vineyard Of His Grace Ministries in The Philippines.  The establishment of a new mission and development organisation is an incredibly challenging task and without the faithful assistance of One Community Church Vineyard’s growth and achievements over the last 12 months would not have been possible.  

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Prison Network Ministries

WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS…Volunteers make an extraordinary and valuable contribution to Australian society and here at Prison Network Ministries (PNM). We are incredibly blessed to have the most wonderful people on our team, who see volunteering as a calling by God to share His unconditional love, hope, grace and compassion to the women and families we serve through this vital ministry.

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