We have the unique opportunity of partnering with several other churches/community groups in Whitehorse to set up Emergency Relief Care to those who are struggling at this time.

  • Volunteers: If you are looking for a place to help serve the community by delivering supplies, packing parcels and more you can register your interest below. 
  • Support: If you require support or you know someone who is in need of assistance that you are unable to provide for them, requests for assistance can be registered below. (Please be mindful with this link, as supplies are limited) 
  • Supplies: If you would like to donate food supplies, this is a suggested shopping list. Drop off will be at One Church reception, every Monday between 9:00am and 12:00pm. Please follow the process set up there to ensure the safety of all involved.
  • Red cross/foodbank helpline: If you do have people you know or come across in the community who need to self-isolate, the Red Cross with Foodbank are assisting them. Find out more information below.

Click HERE if you would like to donate food or volunteer.

Click HERE if you would like to register yourself or someone you know for assistance or call 9837 2900.


One seeks to respond to the poor and hurting people in our world by representing the healing power and servant heart of Jesus.  As a part of raising awareness to the opportunities we have to join God in his work over the year we seek to link with our m1 mission partners in hearing stories of inspiration and challenge. 

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Through our m1 mission partners a range of community-based programs are supported that seek to meet local and global needs. These partnerships make possible community development projects as well as team interaction with people living in other cultures and exposure to the many issues associated with marginalization and poverty.

m1 Mission EXPOSURE Trips

The experience of a mission exposure trip can radically transform and deepen a person’s faith as well as impacting the community being served. Short term exposure trips are arranged to connect with our mission partners in Australia, The Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia. 

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support the work

We as a church community give a proportion of all that we receive away to our mission partners. You also can give a gift that will go directly to our M1 Partners. 

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If you have an enquiry or would like to RSVP to an M1 Mission event, please fill in the following form:

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