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Families are valued at One! From the design of the building, to our programs and culture, it’s clear that we value families and we seek to connect meaningfully with parents and children of all ages, to support parents in the incredibly fulfilling but often challenging role of raising children in a complex world. 

We’re very intentional about engaging with families because we recognise the complexities of being busy parents in a fast paced world and we are constantly seeking to find ways of helping parents with practical tools, encouragement, insight and most importantly, a sense of belonging and community. 

Our pre-school programs which run during the week include:

We’ve worked hard at developing dynamic and age-relevant programs for pre-school (Little Ones) and primary school (One Kids) children that run concurrently with our am services. We also have a wonderful and exciting program for secondary school youth (Transit Youth) that runs on Friday evenings. These environments look and feel very different but they’re all based on meeting the kids needs in each of these stages of youth. 

Of course we have many events that are specifically designed to create wonderful shared experiences for every member of the family.