One Way

One Kids

One Kids is our children's program that runs in conjunction with our Sunday morning services at One. We believe that this time together provides a great opportunity for us to journey with children and help them explore their faith and build relationships with others who share a similar faith journey.  

(18 months – 2 Y/O) 

This program is a wonderful time for our youngest members to have fun and enjoy their
experience of church. Our dedicated leaders, as well as our fabulous purpose-built facilities, nurture and care for the children, helping every single child feel a sense of belonging and safety. Age-appropriate Bible stories songs and activities are fun and engaging!

(3 Y/O and 4 Y/O) 

This program is simple and fun, repeating one basic truth about God for the whole month.
We provide opportunities for kids to talk to God and help them learn that they can do that any time, any place.

Early Primary
(Prep – Grade 2)

This program is divided into two parts: large group and small group.  In large group the kids are involved in an upfront program with age-appropriate teaching and worship. In small groups the children connect with the same leaders every week.  They chat about the Bible teachings and how they apply to their life.

Senior Primary
(Grade 3 – Grade 6)

This program brings the same teaching as One Kids Early Primary but allows for more
age-appropriate stories and activities for the older children. The small groups give children the opportunity to delve deeper into faith with their leaders and peers.