Little Ones

Little Ones Preschool

The preschool years are an important time to build the fundamentals of faith in the heart of every child. This is the time when children get their first impression of their loving heavenly Father and it’s likely to be an impression that will last!

Our Little Ones Creche program is a wonderful time for our youngest members of the church to have fun and enjoy their experience of church. Our fabulous purpose-built and wonderfully equipped facilities, together with our dedicated team of volunteers who nurture and care for the kids, help every single child feel a sense of belonging and safety. Age-appropriate Bible stories and worship songs are always fun and engaging!

Our Little Ones Explorer program is specifically designed for children who attend kindergarten (3 Y/O and 4 Y/O) and Prep. We keep our explorers program simple and fun, repeating one basic truth about God for the whole month. We provide opportunities for kids to talk to God and help them learn that they can do that any time, any place.

We have awesome fun and crazy activities, Bible stories and worship time to help every child believe that God loves them, God made them and Jesus wants to be their friend forever!  We work hard at making sure that every child feels a strong sense of belonging, so it’s in this environment that we introduce them to small groups and every week they connect with the same leaders and the same kids and enjoy shared experiences as they grow together in faith.

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