Safe Places - Child Safety Policy

Recent enquiries into child abuse in Australia have grimly revealed the immense damage that can be done to lives and indeed whole communities when individuals and institutions specifically churches fail in their responsibility to protect children.
For some time, Churches of Christ Vic.Tas. (CCVT) has been working with a number of independent experts to develop an umbrella Policy and Procedure for local churches around this very important issue. 
We are pleased to report that One church has also been involved over several months in consultation forums as part of an overall ‘Safe Places Review’ where a suite of draft documents has been discussed, reviewed and finalized.
It is important to again state that “ One Church is committed to being a safe place for all people who engage with us including children, young people and adults, especially those most vulnerable”. We see this as key in how we operate and run all ministries and program's at one specifically those involving minors.
We have ensured in the past that this is the case and will continue to prioritize this in the future.
Based on the recent recommendations of CCVT,  the Council of Elders on behalf One Community Church Inc. has formally endorsed and adopted a new ‘Statement of Commitment’ to Safe Places (2017), a new Child Safety Policy (2017) and new Child Safety Reporting Procedure’(2017).  Each has been approved by CCVT for Victorian churches which have been developed by taking into account best practice and legislative requirements.
These three documents are available below and we would encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with them. 
The outworking of this decision is an ongoing focus and commitment to compliance and communication; the training and resourcing of staff and key volunteers involved in leading children and young people and to continue to operate, review and continually improve operating procedures to ensure we have a 'Safe Place' for all especially those young people in our care. Should you have any questions on this matter please contact us.


Documents for download

Child Safety Policy
Statement of Commitment
Child Safety Reporting Procedure